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This is the place where everyday’s human stories gather.
Please add one of Yours, Bring a Story and swap it for another.

The „Seedbank of Love & Stories”

The Seedbank of Love & Stories is a place of exchange for stories.


The project started in the lobby of the post-office of Tú Duama / Doohoma (Co. Mayo), a small town on the northwest coast of Ireland. However, this post is closed since the end of 2017. So the project is now – with minor modifications and with the post of Doohoma in the heart – going into the world.

The Seedbank invites everyone to find a stone and entrust it with a story. And then exchange that stone in the Seedbank for another stone with the story that another person has entrusted to him.

And the magic, so that these stories definitely have a happy ending?
We rely on the Seedbank – and on a mini-piece of Ireland.

How can I participate?

Go out and find a stone to which you will entrust your story, which you would like to share.

You spend as much time with this stone until you know what story it is.

Then you come with your stone to the Seedbank.

There are 144 glass-jars in the Seedbank. And in each jar there is a stone, which a person has put into it with his/her story, which she or he would like to share.

Here you can see how it works:

>> to the story swap

>> to the story swap

When & Where ?

Currently, the Seedbank of Love & Stories has no fixed location.

Next places where the project will appear:


Das KloHäuschen, München / Munich . June 27 – July 3, 2019

Stadtteilwoche Sendling / Obersendling

Altes Rathaus / Old town hall, Gräfelfing . June 26 – July 21, 2019

Exhibition “The attempt to participate in an expedition and not to break off”



The Seedbank’s Story

The Seedbank of Love & Stories began 2014 in the post-office of Doohoma, small town on the northwest coast of Ireland.

When I discovered this space in the post-office on my travel to Ireland, I was reminded of an almost forgotten place. A place in which the stories of the world come together, and from which they are being distributed again. It reminded me of an old place, in which the connections between people are being remembered and from where these can be made visible. Of the navel of the stories of the world.


The idea took shape is to transform a part of the shop in the front section of the post office into a space for the exchange of stories. And with that to make this shop/post office visible as that what it already is: a centre in which people are coming together with their very own personal stories, where they leave a little bit of themselves behind and where they bring a little bit with them.

We opened the “Seedbank” in March 2016. In the end of 2017 the post-office has been closed.



2018 / 19


After the closure of the post-office, an inner and outer expedition follows – a search to find out where the project is going to go.


In April 2019, I picked up the Seddbank’s 144 glass-jars from Ireland. The project changes and leaves Ireland for a journey into the world. And a little piece of Ireland is coming with us.



Seedbank News

  • … and how do you ask a stone? Since the end of 2017 the post office of Doohoma is closed. This is sad for the Seedbank of Love & Stories, because unfortunately it has no room there anymore. I think of Doris, Ann and Joseph,......

  • In May 2017, Kerstin Burlage, journalist for Radio Bremen, visited the “Seedbank of Love & Stories”. She talked to Ann and Doris and swapped a story – and then she made a contribution for Radio Bremen for the production “Rituals” (2nd July 2017, 11:05 am......

  • And where are these 144 glass jars coming from, in which the “Seedbank of Love & Stories” is collecting the stories? In January and February 2016 I was invited to present the project Seedbank of Love & Stories in Munich. And this is 6 weeks......

  • On of the first polaroid pictures of the Doohoma post office. (Our first post 😉 )...