2016 01/02: MUNICH – Before the Beginning
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And where are these 144 glass jars coming from, in which the “Seedbank of Love & Stories” is collecting the stories?

In January and February 2016 I was invited to present the project Seedbank of Love & Stories in Munich. And this is 6 weeks before our official opening in Doohoma. Great! What can I do being invited to travel with a project which has not even really begun yet?

Thinking about that, I see that it’s a great possibility, to remind me where the project is coming from and why some of its parts found their way and have become, how they are now. For example the 144 jars in which now we will store the stories.

And so I call the presentations Before the Beginning and I start to tell one fragment of the story which in the end brought me to Ireland:

In 2010 I peeled 613 pomegrantes for my project “The Spitsbergen Project”* in Munich in Public Space. After that we boilt dem down and with that we created 146 jars of Pomegranate jam. Later on 2 of them became leaky and were excluded. And 144 jars of Pomegranate jam have remained intact.

*I don’t want to explain “The Spitsbergen Project” so deeply here. Only a few words: it’s an art project about seed, useful plants, reproduction and storage, and among other activities it’s creating a nearly invisible forest made from pomegranate trees and people taking care of them. And you find more info about it here: >> The Spitsbergen Project on www.realitaetsbuero.de (english page).


On my first journey to Ireland I learn that in Ireland you can swap a story for a jar of jam (yes, and maybe a jar of jam can even be worthier than an good story, because in Irleand there are soo many good stories … and I asked myself if in Munich this would be the same …).

Anyway, for this reason my 144 pomegranate jam jars became the ‘godparents’ for the 144 jars in which the Seedbank of Love and Stories stores it’s stories. Even though in the end we did not swap the jam for stories, but this is another story.

During the presentations Before the Beginning I already invited the visitors to contribute one of their small personal for the “Seedbank”, a little bit like “seeds”. And as in the beginning there are no stories in the seedbank yet which can be swapped, everybody got a postcard from Doohoma post office after the opening.

January, 29 – performance night at the theatre “Schwere Reiter”, Munich

Our very first story:travel_01_02

2-19 February 2016 – Exhibition at galerieGEDOKmuc, Munich

View from the street into the exhibition space of the project space galerieGEDOKmuc.



Ok, this blog post is written by me, Anja, and my english is not perfect. If there’s anything you don’t understand please ask me. And positive corrections are always welcome – I love to learn 🙂