There are 144 glass-jars in the Seedbank of Love & Stories. The stories in the jars have not been read YET. When you bring a story you wrote (or which you write directly here) , you can swap it with one in any of the jars.



  • Ideally not more than one A5 sheet.
  • Any simple everyday story is great.
  • You can choose if you sign with your name, your initials or not at all. It’s up to you.
  • It’s nice if you add the place.

How to swap your story?

The jar you chose is opened, you get the story inside and your story is placed in the jar. A story-swap.


Before you get the story we copy it to place it in the big folder, where everyone can read it. The folder is part of the Seedbank of Love & Stories and these “original fotocopies” stay there while the original story goes with you. In this way the “Seedbank” starts growing.


How does my story come to Doohoma ?

There are 3 ways how you can get in touch with the Seedbank and swap your story

  • You come personally to Doohoma Post Office!
  • You visit us during one of our travels >> SEEDBANK ON TOUR
  • You send your story via mail and ask somebody in Doohoma to make the story swap for you – coming soon

At the Beginning ….

We opened the Seedbank of Love & Stories on 11th March 2016. And at the moment not all the 144 jars are filled yet. Until all the 144 jars are filled, you have a choice:
If you come personally you can swap your story for another one or For an easter-egg.
Everything begins with an egg . . .