How did the “Seedbank of Love & Stories” begin?

The Seedbank of Love & Stories is an Art Project realized by the Munich artist Anja Uhlig in collaboration with Doris Affeldt and the people of Doohoma. Anja had the idea for the project during her first visit to Doohoma in 2014. She says about her impressions:

When I discovered this space in the post-office on my travel to Ireland, I was reminded of an almost forgotten place. A place in which the stories of the world come together, and from which they are being distributed again. It reminded me of an old place, in which the connections between people are being remembered and from where these can be made visible. Of the navel of the stories of the world.


The conversations she had confirmed that this impression had been closer to the reality than she expected. Because here, through personal chats, the telephone and letters, the stories of the local people and also the one’s having emigrated had been coming together for a long time.

The idea took shape to transform a part of the shop in the front section of the post office into a space for the exchange of stories. And with that to make this shop/post office visible as that what it already is: a centre in which people are coming together with their very own personal stories, where they leave a little bit of themselves behind and where they bring a little bit with them.


During the year 2015 we developped the structure for the project and we transformed the space in the Doohoma post office.
Pictures coming soon 🙂

And on 11th March 2016 we opened the “Seedbank of Love & Stories”.