Seedbank of Love & Stories

The Project

What is the „Seedbank of Love & Stories„?

The Seedbank of Love & Stories is a place of exchange for stories. Not the big stories, the sagas und fairytales that are already recorded in books. This is about the small stories that happen to us in our daily lives and that touch us. Stories of someone or something, who / what is dear and important to us. Stories about us, our family, a pet, the sea, the wind or even a cake that just came out of the oven (and perhaps got straight away nibbled at by our beloved dog). There is a place for these small, simple, everyday stories, that we may not even see as very worthy, in the Seedbank of Love & Stories.

The Seedbank makes these stories visible, invites to read them and to swap one of your own with one being stored in the Seedbank. And this is how a place of exchange and connection can grow, inviting more people to read and to exchange storiees.


There are 144 glass-jars in the Seedbank of Love & Stories. The stories in the jars have not been read YET. When you bring a story you wrote (or which you write directly here) , you can swap it with one in any of the jars.
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