In Ireland, even the stones tell stories …

and how do you ask a stone?

Since the end of 2017 the post office of Doohoma is closed. This is sad for the Seedbank of Love & Stories, because unfortunately it has no room there anymore. I think of Doris, Ann and Joseph, who cared for the project in Doohoma and I am very grateful for their time and energy. At the same
time, I’m working to bring the Seedbank of Love & Stories to Munich. In other words, I am trying to find out how a local project
(a project which is connected to a certain place) can become a freetraveling project. And I ask myself:

  • How can the “stories” work independently of language?
  • How can it be more intuitive to exchange a “story”?
  • And how can we take Ireland as the birthplace of the Seedbank with us, when the project goes into the world?

In Ireland, even the stones tell stories …

… that’s the slogan on an Ireland website. Reading it, I think “cool, we take stones into the project. Every story gets a stone. And with a stone at its side, a ‘story’ can be even easier than before. A word. A sign. Language is not so important anymore. And if I take the first stones directly from Ireland, the place is already automatically included – and for the balance I can offer for the Irish stones stones from Munich for exchange. “So far my thoughts – and I realize I have great desire to collect stones, to hold them my hand – and to swap them. And I start collecting stones in Munich.

But then ….

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