In Ireland, even the stones tell stories …

and how do you ask a stone?

Since the end of 2017 the post office of Doohoma is closed. This is sad for the Seedbank of Love & Stories, because unfortunately it has no room there anymore. I think of Doris, Ann and Joseph, who cared for the project in Doohoma and I am very grateful for their time and energy. At the same
time, I’m working to bring the Seedbank of Love & Stories to Munich. In other words, I am trying to find out how a local project
(a project which is connected to a certain place) can become a freetraveling project. And I ask myself:

  • How can the “stories” work independently of language?
  • How can it be more intuitive to exchange a “story”?
  • And how can we take Ireland as the birthplace of the Seedbank with us, when the project goes into the world?

In Ireland, even the stones tell stories …

… that’s the slogan on an Ireland website. Reading it, I think “cool, we take stones into the project. Every story gets a stone. And with a stone at its side, a ‘story’ can be even easier than before. A word. A sign. Language is not so important anymore. And if I take the first stones directly from Ireland, the place is already automatically included – and for the balance I can offer for the Irish stones stones from Munich for exchange. “So far my thoughts – and I realize I have great desire to collect stones, to hold them my hand – and to swap them. And I start collecting stones in Munich.

But then ….

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Doohoma’s Stories – The Seedbank on air – Radio Bremen

In May 2017, Kerstin Burlage, journalist for Radio Bremen, visited the “Seedbank of Love & Stories”. She talked to Ann and Doris and swapped a story – and then she made a contribution for Radio Bremen for the production “Rituals” (2nd July 2017, 11:05 am on “Nordwestradio”, now Bremen 2).

We thank Radio Bremen for their permission to publish this contribution on our website (it’s in german) – below you can read the english translation.


Whoever comes to Doohoma via country roads will drive for a long time through nothingness: greeny-brown boglands, gentle rolling hills, here and there bushes duck away from the gusts of wind that are always there. Even if it is not always visible, you can feel the closeness of the sea. If I had come to Doohoma a hundred years ago it would not have been on a road, as there were none at the time. Like many places in this area, the little village on the furthest tip of the peninsula, Doohoma Head was populated from the sea. Back then there was a lively trade by boat – with whale meat, fish and turf. Today there remain a few dozen houses, a catholic Church and two pubs…

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Interview auf Erris FM - Anja Uhlig und Doris Affeldt mit Edith Geraghty

Interview on Erris FM – about us and the seedbank

In our interview on Erris FM Edith Geraghty asked us many questions: how Doris settled in Doohoma 33 years ago (part #1), how Anja had the idea to start the “Seedbank of Love & Stories” (part #2) – and how the project has developped and became real, how it’s working and what vision we have for the “Seedbank”‘s future (part #3).

Listen to the whole interview here (29:50 min) – thanks to Erris FM for giving it to us!

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2016 01/02: MUNICH – Before the Beginning

And where are these 144 glass jars coming from, in which the “Seedbank of Love & Stories” is collecting the stories?

In January and February 2016 I was invited to present the project Seedbank of Love & Stories in Munich. And this is 6 weeks before our official opening in Doohoma. Great! What can I do being invited to travel with a project which has not even really begun yet?

Thinking about that, I see that it’s a great possibility, to remind me where the project is coming from and why some of its parts found their way and have become, how they are now. For example the 144 jars in which now we will store the stories.

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