Interview auf Erris FM - Anja Uhlig und Doris Affeldt mit Edith Geraghty

Interview on Erris FM – about us and the seedbank

In our interview on Erris FM Edith Geraghty asked us many questions: how Doris settled in Doohoma 33 years ago (part #1), how Anja had the idea to start the “Seedbank of Love & Stories” (part #2) – and how the project has developped and became real, how it’s working and what vision we have for the “Seedbank”‘s future (part #3).

Listen to the whole interview here (29:50 min) – thanks to Erris FM for giving it to us!

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2016 01/02: MUNICH – Before the Beginning

And where are these 144 glass jars coming from, in which the “Seedbank of Love & Stories” is collecting the stories?

In January and February 2016 I was invited to present the project Seedbank of Love & Stories in Munich. And this is 6 weeks before our official opening in Doohoma. Great! What can I do being invited to travel with a project which has not even really begun yet?

Thinking about that, I see that it’s a great possibility, to remind me where the project is coming from and why some of its parts found their way and have become, how they are now. For example the 144 jars in which now we will store the stories.

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